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 Beachview Properties, LLC


                   2020 Season COVID Operational Plan



Beachview Properties is operating on the assumption that we will be open for business this summer. As of now (June) we are not certain how the State of New Jersey and Ocean City will continue to “open up” or what that will look like when they do. But we are hoping for, planning for, and preparing for another magical summer in Ocean City. As such, we, like many businesses, will be taking precautions to limit the spread of Corona virus as best we can and make our guests feel safe and comfortable. The following are steps we are taking:



1.  We are encouraging guests to book ahead of time as usual to ensure they get the week they want. As these have become uncertain economic times for everyone we will be flexible with payment schedules. Leases and invoices will still have due dates for payments, but we are flexible with payments received due to the state of current affairs.


2.  A “Pandemic Addendum” has been added to the lease. Guest should be aware of the risks of traveling and vacationing and         assume all risks.

3.  Bedding – Normally we provide pillows, blankets and comforters. Out of an abundance of caution this year we will not. Beds will   be stripped down to the mattress protector and all guests must bring ALL of their own bedding. Guests should plan to bring sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, bath towels and beach towels. We know this is extra work and packing for guests, but this is an extra caution this year that will make guests feel even more comfortable.


4.  Check-in – Check-in this season will be 3:00 on Saturday (3:00 – 9:00) to allow extra time for thorough cleaning. 


5.  Check-out – Please do your part to keep the unit clean and disinfected as best you can during the week . Give the unit a basic cleaning before you leave. Cleaners will need extra time this season, so please have yourself packed up and moved out of the unit by 10:00am on the day of check-out.  Cleaners will start promptly at 10:00.

6.  Cleaning – We strive for high standards for cleaning. Aside from our normal cleaning, this year we will also include a focus on wiping down touch surfaces such as door knobs, kitchen cabinet knobs, oven control knobs and the like.

7.  Cleaning while you’re there – please do you part to keep the unit clean and disinfected as best you can during your stay. Please wash dishes, pans and silverware with hot water and soap. Use the hot or sanitize cycle on the dishwasher every time. Recommend washing towels and bedding on the “Hot” water setting if able.

8.  Social distancing is in effect in Ocean City. The beach is open and we are asked to social distance. While the boardwalk is open, we are asked to maintain social distancing. Masks are recommended anytime you not able to maintain 6 ft social distancing.  If you go inside a retail store or restaurant mask are required. Many, but not all, businesses are open yet on the boardwalk. Many have sidewalk sales and are doing curbside business. Restaurants are still doing takeout and delivery only.  At this point (June 2) not all of the usual fun venues on the boardwalk are open such as arcades and amusement parks rides.

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